Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dreams - Morning of September 29th

A night of many dreams; one in particular stood out as downright creepy.


The setting morphed with a sudden momentum and landed dead-center in a brightly lit, claustrophobic jungle, where an extravagant plant-ridded mansion lay dead. I moved to my left, heading down the mansion's right wall, and soon found I had begun stepping on the stone tiles leading me into the back garden. The garden, without a doubt, was incredibly well-kept, but by whom, I shall never know.

With its curvy rows of flowers and bushes broken occasionally by a tall tree and red-brick walkways, the garden seemed a haven in the craze of the jungle. Before I could even breach beyond the mansion's back corner, however, I stopped in my tracks.

Out from the short shrubs to my immediate left, a tiny sheep appeared.

It was unlike any sheep I had ever seen... namely because this sheep was.. not only small, but its entire body a pale lime green. And stiff. The sheep stood completely erect, its feet locked together, its head locked forward, facing the wall of the mansion - all while moving towards the mansion at a slow, constant pace. And seeping out of the sheep - mouth unmoving - came a soft, airy voice filled with sincere concern.


I watched it move before me, in a straight line against the ground, body unwavering.

"..Molly? ...... Molly..?"

Time slowed, and the voice carried on.