Monday, December 7, 2020

K. Kezrek Laczin - Concept Artist







A couple years back, Bluepoint Games asked me to work on their unannounced project as a concept artist. What started as a 3 month contract ended up as 9 months of making the most significant artworks I've painted to date. It was a huge honor and pleasure working with the Bluepoint team, and an absolute privilege to work on a property as classic and beloved by fans worldwide as Demon's Souls.

Enjoy the game - and at the hands and teeth of these monsters, may your deaths be legendary!

If you are a company or project looking for a concept artist, feel free to contact me at I'm currently seeking out contracts or full time concept work. Whether you need creatures, space ships, or horrors beyond imagine- I'll be there to make them a reality.


Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Life update:

Things are looking up. Here's to 2020; may yours be filled with all the best.


Thursday, November 15, 2018

Blogs, what even

Dear chillens,

Blogs aren't popular these days- but if you stumbled into my abyss, welcome. I'm an active lurker on Twitter and Instagram where I post infrequently but am highly responsive.

Currently I'm working with Monstercat (Canadian music label for EDM) as well as Bluepoint Games (video game company in TX) on an unannounced title.

This year I wrote the script to my lifelong project, Sapona, and have dived into heavy editing & pitch document mode. Wish me luck.

I've spent half my life working on Sapona. Finally writing it down gave me clarity in a multitude of ways, so I can't wait to share its vision with the world!

I hope you're doing well and working toward a better and brighter tomorrow for all. We're only human, but that's kind of a super power, isn't it?


Monday, August 14, 2017


It's about that time again. Say hello to my latest personal demon:

Meet Acriphagea, the demon of torment and comprehension. This demon was drawn out of debilitating stomach/back pain, which I think I've finally conquered. Just like digestion, it consumes aspects of the world and dissolves them, breaking down every component and either using them or disposing of them.

Contrary to how gruesome it looks, Acriphagea is a necessity - being able to analyze and fully understand what you're consuming can help clarify what you're encountering in this wild world. Blocking this demon is both literal and metaphorical: gastric obstruction can wreak havoc on your entire body, just as obstructing curiosity, compassion, and consideration can ruin your perception of the universe.

Acriphagea fought me the entire way. Below is one of the iterations. There were two other designs which simply couldn't make the cut, but I'm happy with having it finally drawn out.

The next annual demon, I feel, will be a more pleasant one. We'll see. :) But right now I'm hungry! Have a great Monday, chillens. 

See you at GenCon!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dungeon Crusade - Loot!

Here's a sneak peek of loot I'm making for the highly anticipated Dungeon Crusade game, made by Rodger Deering. Look out for its release this year!