Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm nuts and proud of it

Space fish likes your spaceship.
All images (C) me, Kezrek - do not use without permission


I don't concern myself with worldly things to the degree in which many would want to believe. Please don't interpret that as some sort of blind belief. Upon entering my room, whether it be at home or at college, the first thing you'll notice is a lack of stuff.

It's like visiting a friend's house, and she shows you her room... only to think she's been mistaken, and shown you the relatively barren, hospital-like guest room, with pale walls tinted green and an off-white carpet worn dense by years of walking. There is only one window, and it only takes in direct sunlight in the dark months of winter.

Various small hints of ownership hide in plain sight. Namely, this includes a few dinosaur figurines upon a low dresser, locked in interaction, two painterly tropic-themed posters, a small row of sci-fi DVDs, big headphones attached to a small blue iPod, and several other items.

Before all else, I'm Katherine, aka Kezrek. I live in this room, and thrive in this room, for it allows my imagination to focus; to soar. The primary reason I own things is because they are functional, and give me a means for putting my thoughts on paper. I utilize my dinosaur figurines for references, the tropical posters for inspiration, the sci-fi DVDs for ideas, my headphones and iPod for musical motivation, and my drawing materials, which I use to thrust my imagination upon this world.

Spinosaurus aegypticus tooth for the win!

I have one load of laundry worth of clothes. I have one pair of high heels, and they sit at home in my closet, resting from their one-time thus-far use, at high school graduation. I have one pair of sandals, and two pairs of sneakers - one for hot summers and one for cold winters. My hair is washed, and brushed, and nothing else (air-dried, not blow-dried). I've never owned or used any makeup. My idea of a good time is playing video games, drawing, laughing, and reminiscing over life.

These are merely a few of my features. I'd like to thank my parents for tolerating my strange ways, and supporting my attendance at Ringling College of Art and Design as a Game Art & Design major. I love them very much. With each moment at college, I strive to make them proud for investing in me; this means working my best and learning as much as I can. Even if they never read this, I want to make it clear. =)

So, in a nutshell, that's me. This will be my blog, and it will be neat. Hopefully I can keep it going. Expect drawings both in and outside of college, sketches of dreams I've had, random spurts of philosophical jargon, and the occasional excerpt from ******


  1. i like how you are, kez. simple outside, complex inside. you don't need lots of stuff because you're already capable of putting lots of stuff into everything you create. i'll run the risk of sounding like a lame yearbook autograph, but stay you! XD

  2. Man, I wish I had less stuff =( Some days I wish I could just pack a single suitcase and move somewhere else and start over. I used to be a collector, but now I'm trying to get rid of things. It just gunks up my life and my art suffers because of the stressful messy environment. You're lucky you're already like that =P

    I guess I'm just not a very organized person, I constantly struggle against entropy...and then my family keeps giving me random things 9_9