Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dreams - Morning of October 19th

The world is colder, and human presence is lacking.

It is early winter everywhere. Here, in a frost-hidden city, a lone man wearing winter clothes and a dark green beanie to cover his ears walked around, mulling something about alien abduction.

He wandered his way into a rather sizable house. All its windows and doors were either open or broken clean through - letting years and years of frosted snow enter, and coat every surface with barely distinguishable cloaks of chill white. Various furniture, covered long ago by plastic in a futile attempt to protect it, was scattered about the two-story, open living room. The man's eyes brightened up.

"This is a great place to do some Parkour," he said to himself, and began jumping on the furniture. The ice on the tables, couches, chairs, counters, crunched under the new weight. The points of impact dazzled with ice shards freshly broken.

A goldfish appeared in front of him, and the man quickly stopped himself before it. His eyes watched the fish as it floated around in its own warm glow, emanating heat, and a strange nostalgic beauty.

The man calmed as weird sensations came over him.

"I want to be a fish, too. The aliens need to abduct me... I want them to abduct me."

In the corner of his eye, the man spotted a few said aliens. Upon realizing he saw them, the aliens fled. The man instantly began chasing them.

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