Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Art Update 01

I noticed a serious lack of art here. This situation is now amended. (sorry about the terrible image size+quality, I'll try to fix it) Here is some art I have done/have been working on this semester, both in and out of class:

Creepy skull monster thing

Ideas for the purple ship posted earlier

Linux Penguin stress ball, modeled for class in Maya

I felt the penguin didn't allow me much freedom, model-making-wise, so I've been messing around in Maya if/when I find the time.

Alley concept for CA(3D) class. My idea wasn't chosen, but we're working on a much cooler idea. ;)

A wooden pallet for CA class

Lots of stuff in Unreal

My next prop model for Unreal is a mattress (doesn't look like anything yet...)


  1. Unreal, eh? What class is that for?

  2. For Computer Animation. =3 Well... They call it computer animation, but this semester we only animated a simple bouncing ball. Since the major I'm in is Game Art and Design, we're not focusing as much on animation as the CAs - hence our primary work consisting of props, diffuse maps, models, illustrations, etc.