Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Photo reference hunting

Wow, I really do suck at keeping a blog. Huzzah.

This summer, I'll be working on a portfolio. Time to tackle my weak points:
-Human faces

I've been snooping around and taking photo references. So have some nature-y photos! They're mostly taken in the back yard.. Which is difficult, seeing as I live in suburbia. Good thing my parents are awesomely lazy and don't tend to it often; this lets the plants overgrow and go nuts. It's pretty cool.

But these photographs' fields of view, in general, feel rather restricted. When I step outside, my predatory forward-facing human eyeballs take in wider ranges of information than the camera can get.. so I tried my hand at taking multiple pictures for a panoramic-esque view. You can still see the seams.. xD But I tried.