Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spectacular photos

Using StumbleUpon, I came across a series of photographs by David Doubilet, mostly of underwater and aquatic scenery and creatures. They've proven to be amazing for photo studies, because they are real places that feel fantastical. The best of both worlds!

Here's an example of a loose photo sketch study, based off a photo of his:

-click here to see the photos-

This photography makes me feel immensely nostalgic. I look into the image and want to go there, to see what's behind that rock, to explore the untold wonders and have adventures. Wanderlust drives me. Hopefully, with enough practice, more photo studies, and hard work, I can create such feelings in my own pictures.




    I love all the nudibranch pictures. It's a whole nother fuckin WORLD down there.

  2. Kez... you rock! and those pictures are ffffff-epic! seriously ridiculous findings, and equally seriously ridiculous painting. keep it up Kez! looking forward to more!