Sunday, August 8, 2010

Animal Behavior

As a quietly respectful enthusiast of the natural universe, I often find myself glued to various animal behavior displays.

Just now, for instance. It's rather late at night and I was the last person to go upstairs to bed. Before turning off the last lamp, I saw a little house fly on the couch, just chillin,' poking around, confused at the sudden waves of darkness. Instead of ignoring it or even swatting it away, I calmly reached my hand over to its side.

You'd think it would fly away, but it did not; in fact, it found my index finger somewhat interesting. After a few moments it casually made its way onto my nail, testing the surface with its strange, tubular mouth organ. It then made its way onto my skin, where I felt the typical tickle associated with flies.

I looked over this guy for a good, quick while. This was a neat chance to observe one up close and personal. Very interesting when you stop to really think about them.

Then, it flew off.

I've also compiled a few other intriguing animal behavior stories. I'll tell you these tales in the coming days. For now, here's a quick list of them:

-Damaged cicada
-Walk in park: water dog, large spider
-Friend's house: owl drama

On another note, GenCon Indy was absolutely magnificent. At the end of four days I was tired beyond recognition but I felt every penny I spent on a badge was worth it. I'll go into further details with that experience later, as well, when I'm not so exhausted.

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