Thursday, August 18, 2011


Relatively finished. Feel free to use it as a wallpaper if you wish - just do not take it as your own.


Yet another dream.

I was a sort of intergalactic surgeon, in a room under close observation of a dead patient who just arrived from an uncharted planet. In the room were only myself and two other doctors who were helping with my procedure. Before the operation, there were a bunch of small floating robots around, and in my pointless immaturity I ran around and broke all of them.

One of the helpers blinked at me and asked, ‎"Are you planning on paying for those?"

I responded by chuckling lightly and saying yes, it was a hobby of mine to break those annoying robots. He gave me a weird look before we began suiting up for the operation.

The room blared white and empty save for the body in the middle. I didn't remember if this was brain surgery, or if his head was somehow missing. A family was watching us from a glass room nearby.

When I stared intensely into the area I was supposed to be working on, without explanation I abruptly had no idea what was going on. I remember wondering whether this was a new-age mental surgery, where I controlled the tools with my mind, or if it was traditional.

I looked at the openings in the body. They were surrounded by sterile paper. Inside, the organs resembled brains but were white and pulsating. One dent in the brain had a pool of violet grime growing on it.

Cold sweat began oozing from my forehead as I gazed into the purple glob. "Uh... What exactly am I looking for, again?"

The helpers responded with some medical and technological nonsense, after which they both sighed at my stupidity and began stopping the surgery.

They both took their masks off. One helper walked into the family's room, leaving the glass door separating us open. Then, with sheer violence, the other helper gasped and collapsed to the ground, seizing and convulsing and decaying right before my eyes.

The other helper bolted to aid him, but breathed in the toxic violet spore, which immediately attacked his lungs with just as much fervor.

I jolt backward from the open body and scream at the frantic family; "DON'T BREATHE! DON'T BREATHE! RUN!"

-the end-


That, and this WIP.

As legend goes, in the early days of human consciousness, the world was drowning in its own confusion. War, pain, slavery, poverty, hatred, and injustice ran rampant through the land and poisoned the hearts of all men but one. This person's internal rage summoned Aetallas, the dragon god of Vengeance, from the Sun.

It first appeared from a war-torn and fire-blooded sky and descended upon the vile humans. Blind to reasoning, it obliterated all of the evil and wicked with its solar flare fire-breath. Vengeance saved no one from its aimless wrath besides the children and innocents. Not even the summoner was spared.

Unable to fly back to its birthplace in the Sun, Aetallas created a temple beneath the very rock the children stood upon. It lives to this day in the earth's mantle, waiting for its name to be called upon again.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


This is where my mind drifts whenever sound fades and sight repeats.