Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Pun Warrior and her Jar Gun

I'm half certain a Jar Gun, however hilarious, would be an inefficient means of destruction, unless used by a politician.

Speaking of politicians, I've been wondering why they come across as so solidly lacking in intelligence. Especially regarding the issues they need to be knowledgeable about, like science, humanity, or the Internet; they have a severe case of 'what is this, I don't even.'

This causes me to wonder about a solution to the inevitable problem of who should be in charge of people. I, for one, think it may be a breath of fresh air if smart people actually ran the world. A conglomerate of highly skilled and well-experienced individuals, each of their own field - biology, war, art, transportation, food, etc - who discuss the state of the country and, based on their collective intellect and empathy, make decisions that actually practically pertain to this universe in a positive way. They would be elected still, not only by the people but by their fellow people in the field. If a field is divided, more people can be appointed perhaps? Who knows.

The one thing that bothers me about today's method of electing people with money and/or charismatic happy little faces is that sure, yeah, they can honey up the audience with well-chosen diction, but do they even know basic science? It seems that we especially keep electing those who know people, but not about what those people really need. We need food, education, transportation, efficiency, entertainment, protection, and diversity but unity. To run a country takes huge, whopping amounts of consideration, and I don't think half-bought politicians who believe the Earth is 6,000 years old should be in charge of the next generation's up-bringing.

Of course, I'm merely a humble artist with a brain that dreams about tigers running amuck during football games and city parks inhabited by ostrich people and hippies who launch lunar landers into space and have parties in anticipation upon their return. There is one thing I'm fairly certain of: the information age is shifting. Data can be found anywhere online. The Internet knows more than any one person could possibly comprehend.

This is where an enormous uprising of creative people may burst forth. We need critical thinking, creative thinking, and practical understanding; all to assess this information given to us, and to further human development. The majority of humans can't compare to computers when it comes to memorization and pulsing out info like it's a natural heartbeat. We differ immensely in that we can think. We can think outside of what's possible - outside of what we're told - and that's what we should be shifting our attention to. The next age may very well belong to the artists and the scientists. It would of course be a shame if one lived without the other. They need each other like the heart and brain. One can not exist without its companion, or an imbalance will bubble out of humankind's body and fester like a disease. The heart provides life, purpose, emotion, drive - the brain provides logic, thought, consideration, problem-solving. They're perfect for each other.

That was a dose of my Jar Gun. It's all opinion and unedited banter, so take it lightly and take care.

Happy holidays!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


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