Sunday, March 18, 2012

GDC - Night 0, Day 0

We arrived in San Francisco late [read: early], right after midnight on Tuesday morning. Our taxi to the hotel was more soothing than the entire plane trip. We stayed at the Galleria Park Hotel; I was honestly afraid it would be a shady, gross place for the price I paid (last year's hotel was... interesting). But surprisingly enough, it was absolutely delightful. And I'm not kidding!
(not my photo, but you get the gist)

We relaxed for most of the day aside from getting our badges. We got together with friend later that night and ate in California Pizza kitchen. For two or three hours, if I recall correctly. The waiter forgot to split the checks... That lasted quite a while.

Regardless! Afterwards I was talked into visiting the W, a club/bar/lounge, where I met awesome people. The place was packed! Everyone I spoke with had something intriguing to say. I wish it wasn't so loud in there so I could've heard them better... And not lost my voice :|

That was.. well, our first day there. But the next day is much more interesting. I promise!


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