Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Velvet Forest

Inspired by this image:

to draw this:

"Even the rain is inviting. Warm coziness everywhere, even amongst dirt and vines, I feel myself being pulled into the Velvet Forest, deeper and deeper. I'm afraid I am already lost. I did leave red flags behind me, so that I may find my way back... but a mystifying, calm cluelessness washes over me whenever I've seen one again. I look at it and it means nothing to me. My soul is numb."


If I can't sleep, I may as well do something.

Very often do daydreams pull me through forests and rivers, oceans and skies, mountains and deserts. A deep desire to stretch beyond the horizon drives me forward - even into danger. Someday, I hope to create a game where a player can venture into and become lost in a world so like - but unlike - their own. I want to capture the feelings of oddly placed nostalgia, curiosity, and courage. Perhaps someday I will.