Sunday, December 30, 2012

To Jennadelle

When I first joined deviantART, one of my favorite DA artists was Jennadelle. She had distinguished style and used certain design motifs commonly enough that these features belonged to the "Jennadelle" look for her many fans. Whether these aspects of her artwork meant something deeper than their appearance is relatively unknown to me. However, she did seem to have a broad idea churning in her head, something grandiose and mysterious.

Then she just up and vanished. Left deviantART, the internet in general, and stopped most communications, save for her closest friends. I was merely a preteen onlooker at this point so I never heard from her since that moment.

Every now and then I reminisce over old artists who got me through the years. My life as a teenager was rocky at best, and artists like Jennadelle filled my head with fantastical imagery and escape. I have no way to thank her, so this is a drawing inspired by the memories she provided. Thank you, Jennadelle.

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  1. Funny, I had the exact same experience with Jenna. I wonder how many others remember her in the same way?