Monday, January 14, 2013

I like bad jokes

Whenever I come up with one, I like to test my crappy new jokes out. Here's the most recent installment of terrible pun humor. Read allowed (heh) for maximum output and be sure to groan at the end!


A guy walks up to a house in his neighborhood and glares at it. He hates the people living here.

He pulls out a bag full of oregano, and, get this, just yells at it. Screaming insults and jeers, making fun of its mom, the whole shebang. Then he throws the bag of oregano at the house, turns around, and leaves.

The next day, he goes back to the house, but he has a bag of saffron. Again he shouts obscenities at the bag of saffron, and launches it at the house. He turns around and leaves.

On the third day, this guy returns to the house with a bag of thyme. He screeches profanities at it, taunting and humiliating it, then throws it at the house.

On the fourth day, he goes back to the house and sees a new sign on their gate.

It reads "Do not dissed herb."