Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I ship it

Hah, get it? Shipping? Space ships..? Just laugh, it makes sense.

Here are several concepts for an alien space-faring vessel. The project, unfortunately, was torn from its creators, and we needed to stop production. At any rate, here's some of those sketches.

Mostly human-run ships:

The Big Cheese Alien Carrier silhouettes:

If you can't already tell, I'm a sucker for negative space in spaceship design. It rustles my jimmies in such a good way, even though it's probably not the most efficient feature engineering-wise.. Unless you've got an enormous radioactive gun that needs to be kept far from the ship's bathrooms lest they end up with rabid toilet-rats again for the sixth freakin' time, sheesh Thomas, can't you flush for goodness' sake, we're all gonna DIE.


They liked this design, #5, so I began rolling with it. Sadly, that's when the project ended. Maybe someday I can continue working on these and properly finish what was started.


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