Tuesday, January 28, 2014


If there's one thing I deeply adore about human society, it's their roads.

There's everything to admire. Humans have used roads for thousands of years. We depend on them because we like wheels and speedy things, and such technologies only work decently if they're on those precious slabs of durable flatness which no one pays attention to until their face is an inch from it.

Granted, most people don't give roads a second thought. As for myself I'm enamored by them. History travels on roads. Feet and vehicles, weather and animals, trash and sunlight all smack themselves upon the face of these lengthy canvases. They endure through the times, yet are susceptible to plant-made destruction if left without maintenance. Abandoned roads are by far my favorite, but sadly I haven't seen many yet.

So here are random highway photos from a couple summers back. You might not find them interesting in the slightest, and that's cool- all the more open road for me.

Open skies,

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kaiju commission - Obscurum

Commission of a fan-kaiju named Obscurum, designed by Cindy.

So fluff

Lauriea siagiani, aka squat lobster.