Monday, June 29, 2015

Indy PopCon sketches

This weekend, I helped Kathryn Silver with her booth at Indy PopCon. The artist alley was extensive- filled to the brim with all manner of skill-sets and talents. While there I sketched up a few things. Highly random, in-the-moment things..

(Rather fond of this lady...)

And finally, the Demon of Wisdom!

I thought I'd have to live with this handsome beast forever...

...but thankfully, he's been drawn out. May remake this image in digital, to match my other two demons.

Got to meet contestants from Face Off, the makeup-fx contest show on SyFy. Very cool guys! It's striking just how similar we think, us monster-makers..

At any rate, more art will percolate soon.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Fun for the whole family!

The Tyrannosaurus Rex skull from the AMNH:

A cat skull I own which features a loose, unattached mandible. I like having the two parts separate rather than glued together; recreating a bite-action showcases how rigid a cat's jaw movements are. It's a highly specialized kind of power.