Monday, January 2, 2017

Pokemon Starships

In order to challenge myself, I'm doing a series of starships inspired by my favorite Pokemon (one of each type - water, fire, etc.) So far, I've done 8!

They take a while to make, because as it turns out.. this is tougher than I thought. Pokemon are very organic creatures, and my favorites all tend toward simpler, more animalistic designs; definitely un-spaceship-like. Finding the happy middle ground between Pokemon and spaceship is something I'm aiming to achieve.

Every iconic space ship in media, from the Enterprise to the Millennium Falcon, has elegant design cohesion (whether they're very realistic or not). I want to avoid weak designs, such as random blocks with no sense of purpose, or weird shapes that look cool but ultimately do nothing for the ship itself.

With that in mind, I'm using this challenge as a way to improve. Hopefully it works. If I can learn just one thing, it'll be worth it in the end. Til then, enjoy.

To be continued...