Thursday, November 15, 2018

Blogs, what even

Dear chillens,

Blogs aren't popular these days- but if you stumbled into my abyss, welcome. I'm an active lurker on Twitter and Instagram where I post infrequently but am highly responsive.

Currently I'm working with Monstercat (Canadian music label for EDM) as well as Bluepoint Games (video game company in TX) on an unannounced title.

This year I wrote the script to my lifelong project, Sapona, and have dived into heavy editing & pitch document mode. Wish me luck.

I've spent half my life working on Sapona. Finally writing it down gave me clarity in a multitude of ways, so I can't wait to share its vision with the world!

I hope you're doing well and working toward a better and brighter tomorrow for all. We're only human, but that's kind of a super power, isn't it?